How To Win Back Your Ex Boyfriend When He Is Seeing Someone Else

If you want to know how to win back your ex boyfriend if he is seeing someone else, then watch the following video, and read this article….

Firstly it can come as a terrible shock to discover that your boyfriend is seeing someone else. It can make you feel betrayed and rejected, and you are desperate to get him back.

Don’t look desperate…

However don’t let him see how desperate you are otherwise he will ignore you and grow closer to his new girlfriend.

If he knows that he can get you back whenever he wants then he will feel safe, knowing that you will still be there waiting for him. You have ceased to become challenging and he may see you as dull and boring.  You need him to see that you aren’t just sitting at home waiting for him to call you. ..If you want to know the best way to win back your boyfriend

Play it cool…

Don’t  chase after your ex by sending desperate text messages or calling him constantly and start crying on the phone. These actions will only pushyour ex further away and send him closer to his new girlfriend. The best approach if you want to win back your ex boyfriend is to play it cool. Stop any contact and just get on with your life.

This is probably not the advice you were expecting, but at the moment you ex thinks all he needs to do is to call you and you will go running back to him whenever it suits him.

On the rebound

If you were together a long time then you will have a lot of shared history and the feelings he had for you may still be there in the background waiting to be re-ignited. If your ex boyfriend broke up with you, and then started to see this new girl shortly afterwards,it may well be a rebound relationship. If she is similar to you in looks or personality then this is a sure sign.

win back your ex boyfriendMany of these type of relationships rarely last long, and he may simply be trying to replace you. So take heart, and play along with things. Don’t let him see how upset you are. Wish him every happiness with his new girl and let the relationship you had with him go. This can be very hard, and you are probably fighting back the tears even thinking about it.

Reconnect with old friends

If you have lost touch with your friends then now is the time to reconnect with them. It’s all to easy when you are in a relationship to neglect your friends. Accept invitations to parties, and other social gatherings. You will meet new people this way and broaden your social network. Treat yourself to a vacation and take up a new interest. Give yourself a makeover and change your hairstyle. Make yourself look as attractive as you possibly can. Become an interesting and attractive woman, and your ex will soon start to notice you again.

Keep on friendly but casual terms with your ex. If you meet him out with his new date, don’t let him see that you are jealous, but instead smile and ask how they both are. Always make sure you look good.and have something interesting to say. This can have an amazing efect as he now sees you have moved on and no longer desperate or begging for another chance.

Once you have accepted the break up and moved on, your ex may start to miss you. If the relationship with this other girl breaks down, he will be feeling lonely and may contact you. Be casual and say how sorry you are that it didn’t work out with her.

The secret of how to win back your ex boyfriend is not to pressurise him, but just be there for him if he wants to talk. In time the feelings that he had for you may start to come back, especially if sees what a confident, interesting and attractive woman you have become.

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